Build Business Acumen

Season #1

Build Business Acumen

When I discovered The Missing 33% of the career success equation for women - in other words, the fact that managers don't expect us to have or demonstrate business, financial, and strategic acumen - and that is a barrier to our advancement, it means we have to work extra hard to develop and demonstrate that we have business, financial, and strategic acumen, or what I call Business Savvy. 

I realized that part of my mission was going to be to help women develop, enhance, and demonstrate their business savvy.

Of course,  I didn't have much myself. I never had a mentor who talked to me about how important that was. I didn't have an MBA. That's a whole other podcast. And I saw myself as a practitioner.

What I did instead of starting with academic tomes on business was study the experiences of successful CEOs. 

I learned about business acumen, financial acumen, and strategic acumen first from CEOs, women and men, who were using theirs to get to the top of organizations and run them successfully. This means that I had a much more clear and discreet view than if I had started with an academic approach, because in academia, in order to get published, it's a situation of ever more granular.

It's like, if I had started from an academic standpoint, I would have been reading about dozens of different sizes of nails, dozens of different sizes of screws, dozens of different sizes of nuts and bolts. But instead I started looking at the finished piece of furniture and how it functioned. 

For example, if you search on business acumen, either through AI or basic search engine search you will find that strategic thinking is included in business acumen.  But what I know from is CEOs and what they look for in candidates for senior positions or high potential designation, they see business, financial, and strategic acumen as discrete capabilities...with overlap, of course. The place where strategic thinking most directly belongs is With strategic acumen.

This is the perspective that I bring to my mission to equip women to develop or demonstrate their business savvy. It's the perspective of your executives, not the perspective of your professors.

And that brings unique value that you won't find anywhere else. I feel a little bit braggadocious in saying that, but it's true.

I have had women come through my programs who've said to me, "This is ever so much more useful than what I learned in my MBA." I've had women who come to me and have said, "I never got this information from my executive leadership course sponsored by XYZ, renowned business school."

I hope as you consider whether this program is for you, that you will take these  factors into consideration.

  1. First of all, the material I bring you comes through the perspective from, is derived from the experiences. and reflects the perspectives of your executives. 
  2. And the second is, you can't get this program anywhere else.
  3. And the third is, it has been delivered to, used by and proven results for women from every continent, women at all levels, up to senior leadership, and across pretty much every industry.


If you're having any concerns about whether this course will work for you given your profession or level in the organization or the industry you're in, whether it's actionable as opposed to academic, I hope that I've put your mind at ease and that I will see you in

Build Business Acumen

From the beautiful nature walk in El Rompido, Spain. Catch you next time.


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