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Closing the Gap in the Career Success Equation for Women

Achieve your career goals with greater ease and confidence. Grab the key to overcoming common career frustrations.

The Secret that Turns 7 Common Career Tips

from Flawed to Fabulous

Imagine how your career would soar because you:

  • Network effectively
  • Grow your confidence
  • Speak up with credibility
  • Lead with more ease and clarity
  • Shine with a strong leadership brand
  • Demonstrate your executive presence
  • Gain the respect and recognition you deserve
  • Make the most of mentoring and earn sponsorship
  • and basically meet any career challenge with grace!

Be Business Savvy gives you the key you need to do just that.

It’s the greatest honor of my business life to have been able to help millions of women through my TED Talk and thousands through the corporate leadership development programs I’ve delivered all over the world to women at all levels and from nearly every industry.

But my corporate audiences were limited by my availability and my TED Talk only tells you why you needed to close The Missing 33%. It doesn’t tell you how

So here I am giving you exactly the information, tool kits, and skills you need to close The Missing 33% and create the career of your dreams.

Be Business Savvy reduces the overwhelm from and confusion about the tsunami of career advice crashing toward you (I've found billions of pieces and more being written every day). 

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Susan Colantuono delivering her TED Talk

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The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Succeed

This FREE Email Course is a powerful 12 day email sequence that will help you move from feeling restless, stagnant or overwhelmed to feeling empowered, inspired and equipped to:

  1. Self-Promote
  2. Earn Sponsorship
  3. Hone Your Leadership Brand
  4. Network Strategically
  5. Enhance Your Executive Presence
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DIY Tool Kits

Deal with difficult gendered feedback, flip career advice (e.g. confidence, self-promotion, speaking up, executive presence) from flawed to fabulous using a new lens that creates a permanent skills-based foundation and delivers benefits over the long term.

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I tell everyone that your TED Talk about the career advice you never got changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration, it really has! I tell everyone to upskill their business, financial and strategic acumen and I am myself fulfilling a dream…I would not be where I am in my career if it weren’t for your inspiration.

Hannah Pring., Chief Compliance Officer & host of the Miracle Working Mums podcast

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What's Business Savvy?

So Glad You Asked

In 2000, when I discovered The Missing 33% of the career success equation for women (and when I updated the research in 2023) I found that managers rated men as outperforming women in the areas of business, financial and strategic acumen.

That is a mouthful!

To shorten it, I could be using the term The Missing 33%. For example "Close The Missing 33%" but I thought you'd resonate with something more aspirational and inspirational.

"Be Business Savvy" fits the bill.

It's a shorter way of saying, "Build your business, financial and strategic acumen in order to close the 33% gap in the career success equation for women."

NOW even the logo makes sense!

By the way, see the star at the center of the logo?

That's you!

...shining with greater Business Savvy.