"Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others."

Susan L. Colantuono

I'm Susan Colantuono


Founder of

Be Business Savvy



My Passion, My Mission


As the first born girl in an Italian American family, I have pretty much been fighting for women's advancement and women's rights since birth.

Inside corporate America I made the journey from being a believer in conventional advice (some of which I originated in a distant time) to the discovery that there was a Missing 33% of the leadership and career success equation for women (this discovery is the basis for my viral TED Talk).

That insight turned my career inside of a corporation around and became the foundation for my global business (launched and later sold) delivering leadership development programs to women from every continent, in every industry and at every level.

Now, from wherever I am in the world (Puerto Rico in photo above) I deliver a laser sharp message about the importance of business acumen, financial acumen and strategic acumen to you and ambitious women like you.

I equip you to Be Business Savvy and reap the benefits not only of a stronger leadership brand, but also greater confidence, more ease in self-promotion, a reputation for executive presence and less confusion and overwhelm when you're becalmed in the career-advice sea of sameness.

In other words, help you go from “I’m getting nowhere” to “I’m well on my way.”

BTW I come to you as I am and from wherever I am - Amsterdam, the Algarve or Andalucia; Providence, Portugal or Puerto Rico. Looking forward to working together.

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Be Business Savvy

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Round out the Business Savvy trifecta with tips and tools for developing and demonstrating financial and strategic acumen.



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DIY Tool Kits

Deal with difficult gendered feedback, flip career advice (e.g. confidence, self-promotion, speaking up, executive presence) from flawed to fabulous using a new lens that creates a permanent skills-based foundation and delivers benefits over the long term.


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Proudly partnering with these amazing resources to deliver Business Savvy solutions using global community, AI and apps.

i.Liv. Performance

I.Liv’s personalized app-supported approach and core success principles helps you set goals, track progress, rewire your brain, and get out of your own way. Say goodbye to the hustle, and focus on what matters most to you, in just 5-15 minutes a day.

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