Susan Colantuono


- inveterate traveler with a wanderlust gene, internationally renowned author, consultant, speaker and mentor/coach - will help you take your business savvy, leadership skills and career to new levels.


Here’s why: she discovered, developed and introduced to the world a definition of leadership and 4 keys that have transformed women’s leadership development and initiatives to close the leadership gender gap:

Susan photographed riding a Lusitano mare in the Algarve

“Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others.”


Susan's definition led to the discovery of…

1. The Missing 33% of the career success equation for women. Further developed in her book No Ceiling, No Walls it takes women beyond conventional wisdom and toward developing leadership skills in the areas of business, strategic and financial acumen.

2. PIE Mentoring - what it is, how to get it and how it can help women earn sponsorship - is discussed in detail in her book Make the Most of Mentoring.

3. Her TEDx Talk on “Closing the gender gap at the top.” One of only 1% of TEDx Talks to make it to the site it was retitled, The career advice you probably didn’t get.” Nearing 4.5 million views, it has been translated into 23 languages and covered by media including The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, and The Guardian as one of the Top 5 Talks that will change the way you work

4. 15 Gender Dynamics that create barriers for women. These make explicit the mindsets of managers that hold women back and the concrete actions that clear the pathway for advancement.

In 2002, Susan established the Women’s Institute for Leadership at Bryant University and presented Leadership Mastery programs for women until 2010.

In 2004, she founded Leading Women on a B2C model. In 2015 she made the strategic shift to B2B delivering unique leadership development programs for women and gender dynamics programs for managers at global clients including Verizon, DHL, onsemi, Nokia, Amgen, AbbVie, BD, IGT, Turner Construction, Veeam, Victaulic, Campbells and others across a range of industries. The strategy shift enabled a 400% percent increase in revenue over 3 years. In 2018 Leading Women was sold.

in 2019, with a goal of spreading her actionable insights to women without access to leadership development resources, she and Michelle Redfern launched the Lead to Soar network (formerly A Career that Soars!) - an online global community of ambitious women committed to developing their leadership skills and advancing in their careers.

Susan has published numerous articles on leadership and is the author of two other books. Her cutting edge insights have been featured in Time, AdAge, CNBC, Forbes, CBS, numerous podcasts and other media outlets. An in-demand speaker, Susan has spoken for business audiences from every continent.

Throughout her career Susan has been a pioneer in delivering leadership development and diversity and inclusion solutions to organizations.

Beginning with 3-day residential corporate programs on gender issues and racism, she launched one of the first women’s initiatives in the U.S. and was instrumental in the opening of the first onsite day care center and other innovations (such as open job posting) that are now considered “the norm.” In the 1970s she was one of the first to implement user involvement in system design and implementation.

Photo above: riding in the Algarve