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The advice to develop and demonstrate business, financial and strategic acumen is the single most important piece of career advice you will ever hear.



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Conventional career advice will only get you so far (pretty much into middle management).


But the advice you hear on the Be Business Savvy podcast can take you to the top!


Each week you’ll get:

  • Unconventional, actionable and proven career advice
  • Transformative mindset tips
  • Delivered in under 10 minutes (most times!)
  • Inspiring guests who serve as your virtual role models

I usually record on my morning walks from wherever I am in the world - so be prepared for possible roosters crowing, waves crashing and my overland huffs and puffs!

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Episode 3: The Missing 33% (in short)

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Episode 4: To have Executive Presence you have to know what it is!

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Episode 5: The single best way to proactively seek the benefits of Mentoring

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Episode 6: De-clutter your To-Do list using Business Savvy

Meet the voice behind Be Business Savvy

Susan Colantuono

Host and advocate for the power of Business Savvy

Having discovered The Missing 33% of the leadership and career success equation for women, Susan has gone on to reveal how the advice to develop and demonstrate Business Savvy (business, financial and strategic acumen) is the "one key to rule them all." (Them being, of course, the 7.5+ billion pieces of career advice to women.)

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