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Applying this secret to even just ONE of the 7 most common pieces of advice could make the difference between a career that stagnates and a career that soars or between a day that's awful and a day that's awesome.


If you've ever felt:

  • Stuck in place
  • Frustrated by lack of recognition
  • Unsure of whether you should speak up and/or of what to say,
  • Overwhelmed and confused by conventional career advice,
  • Or, dare I say it?, angered by mediocre men moving faster than "wow" women?

You're not alone!

Ambitious women like you have all dealt with feelings like these.

Fear not! I'm here tell you that there is a single piece of advice that will:

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As someone who has helped thousands of women around the world and as a fan of The Lord of the Rings, I call it "The one key to rule them all!"

I'd love to deliver it into your hands along with 7 ways that you can apply it to power up your career.

Susan Colantuono

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"Thank you so much for sharing this guide with me - I found it empowering and inspiring, and exactly what I needed to read now that I'm in the midst of a career pivot and am stepping into a new industry and leadership role."

 Cara Z., CX Manager

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