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Good morning. It's Susan Colantuono here with my musings on The Missing 33%.

This morning. I want to touch on something that I mentioned in another podcast. It's what I call your leadership daily practice.

I want you to know that I walked my talk about this as I was growing my company that I have since sold. I did this every day and it helped me quadruple the size of the company in three years.

What is a leadership daily practice?

Well, it's based on my definition of leadership, which is:

"Leadership is using the greatness in you to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes by engaging the greatness in others."

In order to do your leadership daily practice, it is crucially important that you understand your Positional Purpose. More on that later.

How do I develop my leadership daily practice?

Your leadership daily practice means asking yourself three questions grounded in my leadership definition:

  1. What outcomes must I absolutely move forward today? These outcomes relate to your positional purpose, whether It's to help the organization enhance cash grow, enhance revenue or decrease expenses or improve velocity. What outcomes do I absolutely have to move forward today?
  2. Who do I have to engage with in order to get that done? So who on my team, which of my direct reports, what internal or external stakeholders and others, and
  3. On what personal greatness will I draw? So what will be my foundation of self-worth  in order to successfully have those interactions and move the outcomes forward? So asking yourself those three questions at the start of every day is part one of your leadership daily  practice.

You can do your leadership daily practice in your car. You can do it on the walk from your bedroom to your home office. You can do it anywhere. You can write it down, you can keep it in your head.

Equally importantly, is at the end of each day, asking yourself:

  1. "How did I do in moving that important outcome or those outcomes forward?
  2. How did I do engaging the greatness of others who had a role to play? And
  3. How did I do standing on my platform of personal greatness?

This helps you set up the next day in case there's something that has to be revisited.

I strongly encourage you to use your leadership daily practice every day.

  • It's practical.
  • It produces results.
  • And it will help you wear your mantle of leadership with pride.

Coming to you this morning from the shores of Rincon, Puerto Rico

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