Ask for Reimbursement - You're Worth It!

#fundyourinvestment Feb 02, 2024
Ask your company to reimburse your investment in Build Business Acumen

We're absolutely certain of the value of Building Business Acumen because women who have used the content have told us about the many ways it has enhanced their leadership and career success. But if you want to shift or minimize the investment, here are a couple of approaches.

Ask for Reimbursement

We joke a bit about the pricing (less than that Veronica Beard outfit you've been eyeing) because often women do not invest in their careers at the same rate as men. This has consequences. And women are often shy about asking the organization to invest in their professional and leadership development. Don't be. Go ahead and make the pitch for reimbursement.

Making the Pitch

Here are points to weave into your ask.

  1. "As you know (hopefully your manager does know), I'm interested in continuously developing my leadership skills in order to contribute to the organization in different ways and higher levels."
  2. "I've found a resource that will support my goals. Specifically, I'll be building my business, financial and strategic acumen. The cost is extremely reasonable for the benefits that I and the organization will reap. I'd like you to pay for (reimburse) the cost of my membership."
  3. "I'm willing to amplify your investment by sharing key lessons with my staff and/or colleagues."
  4. "That in itself will reap returns. Beyond that I read a recent study that found that investments in leadership development returned on average US$7 for every US$1 spent?"
  5. "Here are some of the benefits reported by others who've engaged with the content and their managers. Members have become:
  • Stronger partners in the business
  • More focused and effective leaders
  • Stronger mentor to and developer of those on their team(s)
  • Better at aligning their work and that of their team(s) to the strategy"

Even if you get a "no", by making the pitch you have reminded your manager that you are serious about your career. And, her/his answer might change next time you ask if you tie enhancements in your performance to what you're learning here.


Can I Deduct the Cost from my Taxes?

The right answer to this question is, we don't know. Ask your accountant/lawyer/financial advisor. Tax laws vary widely and change often.

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Catch you next time!


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