Business Savvy YOU!


Are you frustrated with your career progress, disappointed by career advice that hasn’t worked, angry that mediocre men are moving and you aren’t?

Well then, you need "The One Key to Rule Them All:" more Business Savvy, starting with building business acumen.

I'm Ready for The Key to My Future Success!

Have you ever?

  • Felt like an imposter...or an imposition?
  • Been shocked that opportunities you sought passed you by?
  • Gritted your teeth as mediocre men advance while you stand still?
  • Been assigned a mentor, but never gained sponsorship?
  • Sat in a meeting unsure of what to say or how it will be taken?
  • Felt disappointed, frustrated or confused by the ocean of career advice that surrounds women?

Here’s why.

You've not been told “The One Key to Rule Them All.” 

That key?

Business Savvy

Oh no, don't let that scare you away.
With me you'll find that getting to Business Savvy:

  • Isn’t “too hard” or “too mathy”
  • Won’t take hours and hours away from your friends, family and fun
  • Will require a temporary small add to your full plate, but you’ll gain the time back in spades if you do the work.
  • Will elevate your career - whether you’re at career-start and heading to the C-suite.
  • Produces enduring results not a quick fix.

Does this resonate with you? If so, it's time to unlock the power of Business Savvy for your success. It's the key skill for shattering glass ceilings, gaining a respected voice, and achieving your full potential.

Too often, we are kept out of the loop on the business, financial and strategic insights that drive decision making because managers don't think we have the interest or the acumen. You can break that cycle with Business Savvy YOU!'s 5 high-impact modules:

I'm Ready. Hand Over the KEY!

Business Savvy YOU!

A Course of a Different Color!

Generic business courses overload you with theory. It’s why even women with MBAs have praised this straightforward approach.

You won’t just memorize business jargon. You’ll equip yourself with models for thinking more strategically and  powerful tools for demonstrating the Business Savvy you're cultivating.

It’s tried and tested by thousands of women from every industry and from every continent, at all career stages and in most every profession.


Part 1-Develop Business Acumen

  • Learn an elegant, simple and powerful model for understanding core business concepts.
  • Understand exactly where you/your team(s) fit in and the roles of colleagues in other functions - from the perspective of the executives and board.

Learning Tools

  • 6 prerecorded, content rich and self-paced micro-lessons  (approx 1 hour in total).
  • 1 digital workbook where you capture your insights and actions in one place.
  • 4 Go-Deeper bonuses.
  • 2 Coaching Meet-Ups


Part 2: Demonstrate Business Acumen

You’ll develop a crystal clear statement of why your position exists and how you can use this clarity to build a lasting foundation for more confidence, greater ease at self-promotion, motivation to speak up with credibility, etc.

The DIY Virtual Coach tool is available to you for just-in-time support whenever you need a boost.

Learning Tools

  • 2 pre-recorded and self-paced micro-lessons (approx 30 minutes).
  • 1 powerhouse worksheet where you capture your plans for demonstrating business acumen
  • 1 AMAZING unique and actionable virtual coaching tool.
  • 4 Go Deeper bonuses
  • 2 Coaching Meet-Ups


Part 3: Focus on Financial Acumen

You're already a step ahead because you've learned the model from Part 1!

This is a totally new approach to gaining Financial Acumen. You will look top-down and statements-out to understand the BIG Questions that are asked about business performance and answered by the 3 major financial statements.

Learning Tools

  • 1 Skill Assessment
  • 7 Easy to digest lessons
  • 1 interactive tool showing how financial statements answer BIG questions
  • 3 Action Steps to take you from knowing to doing
  • 4 Go Deeper bonuses
  • 2 Coaching Meet-Ups


Part 4: Strengthen Strategic Acumen

You'll go FAR beyond what most people think about strategy and Strategic Acumen (do I hear "mission, vision values?).

This course puts you in the shoes of executives and the Board to understand what strategy really is, how it's set and your appropriate role in setting, executing and understanding strategy.

Learning Tools

  • 4 Lessons
  • 1 Case
  • Individualized actions to hone and demo Strategic Acumen
  • 3 Go Deeper bonuses
  • 1 Coaching Meet-Up


Part 5: Showcase Business Savvy YOU!

It's not enough to HAVE Business Savvy, we have to be able to DEMONSTRATE that you have it.

That's how you get seen as a partner in the business. That's what gets you on the lists for opportunities. That's what earns you the respect you deserve. AND what equips you to feel more ease and less overwhelm every single day.

Learning Tools

  • 2 Lessons
  • 2 Role Model Videos and Other Bonuses 
  • 1 Action Planning Tool
  • 1 Coaching Meet-Up

Business Savvy YOU! is the fastest, most effective way to unlock the skills you need to elevate your career right now.

And it works. Just read the stories from women who've leveraged Business Savvy to:

- Be seen as leadership material

- Contribute ideas that drive results

- Feel like a valued strategic partner

- Earn bigger roles and responsibilities

- Increase their compensation and influence 

Leadership Brand Elevated

"To become more business savvy, I met with my general manager to understand how he prepares for the monthly and quarterly business reviews he delivers to our executive team.

It was a very different conversation from previous development discussions…and helped cement for him my goals and desired direction for my career."

K.O., V.P. Sales & Marketing

 Promotion Achieved

"The knowledge and awareness acquired from the sessions, gave me the strength to challenge some of my behaviours and led me to a promotion, the first woman project director in the Natural Resources team of 80."

A.R., PD Energy Transition, Clean Energy and Decarbonisation

 Dream Fulfilled

"I tell everyone that your TED Talk about the career advice you never got changed my life, and that’s not an over exaggeration, it really has! I tell everyone to upskill their business, financial and strategic acumen and I am myself fulfilling a dream…I would not be where I am in my career if it weren’t for your inspiration."

Hannah Pring, Chief Compliance Officer & host of the Miracle Working Mums podcast

Brand Elevated, Promotion Achieved, Dream Fulfilled! That's for Me!

Hi, it's Susan

If you’re unsure why your career is stalled or believe it’s stalled because you lack business savvy, you're not alone.

Here’s the good news. Business Savvy is a skillset you can develop, regardless of your background, experience or education.

I know because I've been there.

Early in my career with an English degree and management training in my tool kit, I focused on building soft skills.

A bit later, the research I talk about in my viral TED Talk (over 4.4 million views) showed me that women are held back by perceived lack of business savvy (business acumen, financial acumen and strategic acumen).

Soon after that discovery...

 I was mortified in a planning meeting for the opening of a new Emergency Department. As the only non-exec in the room, I thought I would impress the CFO talking about what a great multi-functiional team I had convened and how well the initial team building went.

As you might imagine - he was underwhelmed!

And so, having just barely begun my journey to greater business savvy, I came back to the next meeting and talked about our plan for a budget neutral training strategy that would ensure revenue flow from the opening date and no regulatory penalty fees.

The CFO sat up and took notice.

My business savvy journey continued. My career and then consulting business took off enabling thousands of women to unlock their potential using my straightforward approach to building business acumen…and doing it without the overwhelm.

If you join them, you will transform your career!

I won't waste your time with fluff - I provide pared down, actionable insights and tools that deliver real results.

They've worked for me and women around the world. Now, put them to work for you!

If You're Thinking Any of These, We've Got Answers



  • Build Business Acumen - 2 Parts, 8 lessons
  • Focus on Financial Acumen - 1 Part, 10 lessons
  • Strengthen Strategic Acumen - 1 Part, 5 lessons
  • Showcase Your Business Savvy - 1 Part 2 lessons

AND Even More

  • Worksheets that turn content into actions
  • Go Deeper Resources
  • 1 Amazing DIY Virtual Coaching Take Action Tool
  • Live meetings to workshop progress and get questions answered


I Commit to My Success!

You Do the Work, It Works for You.

I Promise

Business Savvy YOU! comes with a conditional 30 day guarantee.

You do have to watch the recordings and show me that you've done the homework. That keeps you accountable to the commitment you make when you join, and keeps me honest about whether the course will serve you.

Then, if you don’t feel that Business Savvy You! is giving you the insights and tools you need to demonstrate Business Savvy at work, book a call.

If we can’t figure out a way to get you to your goal for the course, I’ll refund your money.

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