11 Not-To-Be-Missed Answers from My Manage Magazine Interview

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TLDR:  11 not-to-be-missed provocative and actionable answers given in an interview for Manage Magazine.

Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard recently interviewed me for Manage Magazine. Her questions were wide-ranging giving me the opportunity to offer valuable guidance and provocative insights. If any of her questions below are on YOUR mind, read the interview here.

Here are the questions she asked:

1. Understanding The Missing 33%: In your TED Talk, you mentioned the "missing piece" in career advice for women. Could you elaborate on what this missing piece is and why it's crucial for women aspiring to leadership roles?

2. Importance of Mentorship: Mentorship plays a significant role in career development. How can women identify and approach mentors who can provide guidance on advancing in leadership positions?

3. Addressing Skill Gaps: You emphasized the importance of mastering business, strategic, and financial acumen. How can organizations effectively address skill gaps in these areas for aspiring female leaders?

4. Creating Supportive Environments for Women's Advancement: Building a supportive environment is essential for women to thrive in leadership roles. What strategies can organizations implement to create inclusive cultures that foster the development and advancement of women in leadership?

5. Overcoming Barriers: Women often face unique challenges and barriers in their career progression. What advice do you have for women navigating these challenges and overcoming barriers to advancement into higher leadership positions?

6. Tailoring Development Programs: How can organizations design and implement leadership development programs that specifically target the needs of aspiring female leaders, particularly in terms of developing Business Savvy?

7. Role of Executive Sponsorship: Executive sponsorship can significantly impact a woman's career trajectory. How can women secure executive sponsorship and leverage it to advance their careers?

8.Personal Growth and Development: What advice do you have for women who are seeking to continuously grow and develop their leadership capabilities, both personally and professionally?

9. Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: Breaking through the glass ceiling remains a challenge for many women. What strategies or tactics have you seen be effective in helping women shatter these barriers and reach the highest levels of leadership?

10. Measuring Success: How can organizations measure the effectiveness of their efforts to support the advancement of women into leadership roles? What key metrics or indicators should they be tracking?

11. Advice for Aspiring Female Leaders: Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring female leaders who are looking to advance into higher leadership positions and make a meaningful impact in their organizations and beyond?

Again, if you're interested in the answers to any of these questions, find them here: https://managemagazine.com/interview/how-women-reach-top-leadership-an-interview-with-susan-colantuono/

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